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The Grammarist Mission

We aim to connect with our readers through thoughtful and well-researched content delivered with personal insight into the English language as a whole, whether that be spelling and grammar tips, helpful How-Tos, or guidance on becoming a better English writer.

Who We Are

Here at Grammarist, we’re pretty transparent. Here’s who we are and what you can expect when visiting our site.

What We Do at Grammarist

Using our combined skills and experience, we love to teach writers, ESL learners, and anyone just looking for grammar and spelling tips. Our helpful content spans a wide range of topics like proper spelling and grammar, how to use punctuation, defining idioms, exploring obscure words, and explaining the differences between many common homophones.

Our Reach

We’re thrilled each and every day because we reach and help over 1,000,000 users per month just doing what we love! That’s amazing!

Our Origin

Since launching in 2009, we’ve worked tirelessly to help Grammarist grow with over 6,000 quality, informative, and helpful pieces of content. It’s now full steam ahead to even more great articles to help teach others about how to use the English language.  

Who Is Involved

We’re not just content creators; we’re real people with years of experience to bring to the table. USA Today Bestselling Authors, Award-Winning Writers, English teachers, professional proofreaders and editors, and even TEFL-certified educators. Our main focus is on teaching all about American English. Still, our team consists of experts from the US and Canada, and we explore American, Canadian, UK, and even Australian English concepts.

Our Promise

We don’t put things in boxes here. Grammar, proper usage, styles, and even definitions are always open to different approaches. We believe the English language can and most definitely should always be evolving to meet the communication needs of the world. Most aspects of English are governed not by rules but by conventions that are constantly in flux. We promise to do our best to live up to the expectations of readers across generations and stay on top of changing trends in the English language.

Editorial Guidelines

We’re a source for writing, grammar, and English learning, so we take editing very seriously. But we’re also humans, making human content, which means we can make a mistake from time to time. If you find an error on our site, please reach out to us here and let us know; we’ll fix it right away. We appreciate outside eyes for proofreading and fact-checking and take every tip seriously. Please, be kind and courteous in your email, and feel free to follow up if you wish! Read more about our editorial policy here.

For any content suggestions, please contact us here.


Our Grammarist Team

Meet the people that make the magic happen!

candace osmond profile

Candace Osmond

Writer and Course Creator

Candace is a #1 International and USA TODAY Bestselling Author and an Award-Winning Screenwriter. She’s been creating content for almost 15 years and resides in Canada. She studied Writing & Editing Essentials at MHC and loves to help others improve their writing.


Danielle Cornum

Content Manager & Editor

Danielle is a content writer across various platforms. She holds a Masters in Literacy and teaches both literature and technical writing at a Career and Technical Institute where her degrees in science mesh well with her expertise in language. With 20 years of experience in the classroom, she enjoys helping students take their speech and writing into successful career pathways.


Graham Haas

Owner & Operator

Our beloved leader! Graham is the owner of Found First Marketing and Grammarist. He’s been in the content industry for almost a decade, proudly leading teams of experts to build quality sources for content. He’s TEFL and TESOL certified and has built dozens of amazing websites from scratch for millions of users per month.

pat profile pic

Patricia Singson

Content Manager & Editor

Patricia is a Content Manager and Editor for Grammarist. She handles content research, article updates, publishing, and graphic creation. Prior to Grammarist, she worked in digital media as a content manager for a variety of niches using social media platforms. She also has experience in teaching English and conducting online ESL to beginners and advanced students. Patricia has a degree in Marketing Management.


Ryan Gornez

Content Manager & Editor

Ryan Gornez is an experienced proofreader and editor. He’s worked with various forms of content, including books, novels, research papers, web content, and journal articles. His experience in proofreading and editing can be traced back to 2013 from his days working with Elsevier Publishing Company as a copyeditor.

In addition to his professional editorial experience, Ryan has a degree in Education and was also a former online English teacher. He has taught English to beginners and advanced students, as well as delivered IELTS lessons.

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